About Us

Our Company

VERDURE was founded in 2018 by Tom Gibson and Joe Erato, two pharmaceutical and medical industry professionals who have been long-time supporters of the health benefits of hemp and CBD products.  After the state of Wisconsin passed the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing the growing, processing and sale of industrial hemp, these two entrepreneurs recognized the opportunity to offer high quality CBD products and educate consumers about its health benefits. Verdure was born.

Definition of verdure  

Pronunciation: ˈvər-jər 

1: the greenness of growing vegetation

2: a condition of health and vigor


True to our company namesake, we demand the highest quality of ingredients, strains, concentration and processing methods. Whenever possible, we work directly with organic growers and suppliers to develop quality CBD products. We also offer a wide variety of vegan products.  With thousands of CBD products on the market, we aim to be the best, not the largest. That’s why we source, select and test carefully to make sure our products contain quality strains and proper concentrations of CBD. As we like to say, “You should feel it – or what’s the point?”



We believe the best way to demonstrate quality and integrity is to be transparent. That’s why we provide Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) on our products. This document by Quality Assurance confirms that a product meets its specification of CBD and other ingredients so you can see our proof of quality.  That’s why we also share our list of ingredients for each product. And, that’s why Joe, Tom and our entire team are available to answer your questions and help you find the best CBD solution for your needs.



This industry is in the early stage of growth and constantly changing – a perfect time to be active participants in the conversation. With our commitment to overall health and wellness, we are focused on creating solutions and products that are more sustainable than current options and better for our environment.


Company Values

  • We honor our word – We will always deliver to the best of our abilities
  • We strive for excellence – By working to meet only the highest standards in our industry
  • We never stop innovating – We will never settle for ‘good enough’ or operate at the ‘bleeding’ edge of technology
  • We are a team – Our success is driven by the creativity and passion of our people and culture


Meet the VERDURE team 

Joe Erato  Founder / CEO

Joe is an entrepreneur who has been involved in multiple start-ups and scale-ups throughout his career. Most notably, he was part of a four-person team that grew Spaulding Clinical, a pharmaceutical research company, from 4 to 200 employees and to $20 million in annual revenue. Through this and other entrepreneurial endeavors, Joe has strong experience running the day-to-day operations of a business as well as building one from the ground up.

When Joe is not fighting for cannabis rights in Wisconsin, you are likely to find him on an outdoor adventure excursion or at home with his wife and six children.

Contact Joe at


Tom Gibson  Founder / President

Tom began his career in service to the United States Navy as a rescue diver and a hospital corpsman. He has spent most of his career in the healthcare field. He met Joe Erato, co-founder of VERDURE, at Spaulding Clinical in its early years. Tom helped shape the company by specializing in supply chain management, and later in regulatory testing and production of its medical devices. He has extensive knowledge and experience complying with FDA requirements.

When Tom is not developing and promoting VERDURE products, he is active in the community building relationships for VERDURE as our number one brand ambassador and champion.

Contact Tom at  or 262-689-0162


Steve O’Shea Director of Sales

Steve is a consummate sales professional and has built a successful career in business development, client relationship development, account development and talent development. Steve has a work ethic second-to-none and a passion for client development and satisfaction. He’s a strong addition to our team and welcomes your call to discuss our wholesale program.


Sam Carter   Chief Product and Nutrition Officer

Sam has spent years focusing on sustainability and nutrition. Her background in FDA labeling and packaging ensures we meet FDA regulatory requirements. She’s so good that she allows us to anticipate and be prepared for industry changes. Sam has a keen eye for product marketing – and among her many talents includes Verdure’s current product designs.